ibpransesan serben

Live, LOVE, Let go. . 22

I'm a war freak, brat as what my friends say i love with all of me coz i don't want to have any regrets at the end. It's so hard to hide that you are hurting so much deep inside but I should never stop trying to be happy and continue smiling. I'm still picking up every broken pieces and im still hurting picking up those pieces of my broken heart still savoring the pain that i am now going through sad to say, though i've been trying my very best still i can't forget and forgive myself for what had happen. Though he has already moved on and our relationship has already ended it doesn't mean that my feelings did, my feelings for him don't die easily because I still keep feeding them with our memories, my few moments, memories with him. I know I should not torture myself with those few memories of the past & sometimes no matter how i wish things could be just like before, I know they won't be anymore. I know i should MOVE ON but how will I do that when he took a part of me. . I believe that People change and so feelings. They may not be the changes I wanted to, but I have to accept those changes and move on with my life. I'm stupid for holding on too much with this feeling that I have holding on to something that's not meant to be for me hurts more than letting go. I'm still honoring the pain. I know in time I'll be Fine. I know I can move on and one day I'll take a glance at yesterday and see how much I've grown since then. I need to STRONG and for me to me strong I have to be HAPPY and for me to be HAPPY I should love my self more and my friends who never gets tired of loving me and I've got to love like I've never been hurt. at this moment I'll cry & honor the pain coz I know there will come a time and in the end I'll just laugh at the things that made me stronger and wiser.